Summertime means our hair gets a little lighter. From the sea, salty air,  chlorine in the pool and the sunshine as we are walking to lunch. There’s no stopping it. So embrace the lightening and swing by Bokaos Aveda in the heart of Pasadena and let’s make it look more natural, blend it or make it pop.


Eclipting is a technique Ian Michael Black, Aveda’s Global Color Director created a few seasons ago that has been recently updated. It creates a soft lightening effect that looks super natural because the highlight does not start from the scalp but slowly develops into the ends of the hair. What it translates to you, is a low maintenance color you can update a little bit each month or have done once and let it slowly grow out into the Fall.

Babylights have been all the rage for the last few years. These micro highlights might take a little while to put in since they require adamant detailed work to make the highlights look so small and blended it literally looks like your hair grew out of your head this way. It leaves very little of your natural rootiness between the highlights so you look more like a natural blonde, but offers a buffer to the grow out. This look is amazing but you do need to be in the salon every 6-8 weeks to touch up.

Blorange is the new upgrade from Rose Gold. It offers Blondes a little peachy pink hue without fully committing to being a strawberry blonde. I can either gloss it all over or feather it into the ends of the hair. It’s a little warmer of a tone and will nicely compliment a beautiful summer glow. Because the color is a demi-permanent, the color will last about 6 weeks and will gradually wash out. Which is about how long we have before the next IT color hits Instagram.

I’m bleach & tone and proud of it! I think it’s why I have a lot of blonde clients. They trust me to take care of their precious hair and I understand what a subtle tonal change will do to a guest’s complexion. Each and every one of my hairs is bleached blonde and glossed or toned a buttery yellow. I love having bright blonde hair. I love the old Hollywood blonde vibe with all black outfits.

So what am I going to do for you? Pop into Bokaos Aveda Hair Salon Pasadena and say hello! Let’s talk about how to update your hair for summer! Or revive those tresses after a vacation! There’s no better time to get your to look exactly how you want it. Am I right?

Anna Habrat

Bokaos Aveda, Pasadena CA