15 years ago, a punk rock/emo boy began experimenting on his own hair (as well as victimizing friends and family) after lackluster results from salons. Unable to see hair as a lucrative career, he spun his wheels as an EMT, then majored in communication and worked for a radio station. Dying for a creative outlet, friends at Sally Hershburger extended an olive branch. He quit his salary job to begin an accelerated apprenticeship program, specializing in color. He had the opportunity to work alongside renowned stylists such as Allen Edwards and assisted on Dancing with the Stars and Dior fashion shows. He became an educator for Unite and began working in Beverly Hills and Malibu where he mastered keratin bonded extensions. Today, Mitch works on-set for multiple Netflix shows, music videos, and retains celebrity clientele throughout Los Angeles. He enjoys donating his time cutting the homeless in Hollywood with stylists of Chris McMillan Salon. As a vegan for over a decade, Aveda’s environmental awareness and mission statement are second to none for Mitch. His dream is to open an animal rescue. When he isn’t working, he can be found hiking or kayaking with his dogs, bungee jumping and enjoying live; eclectic music.